We are WB Games | Avalanche

We bring player-worthy experiences to life


Be it brand new worlds or beloved franchises, we aim for experiences that resonate and brim with the passion that comes from games made for the player. From rich, open worlds to compelling stories, immersion is at the forefront of our efforts.


Avalanche is comprised of innovative and inspired creators from around the world who are excited about their work and pushing the boundaries of gaming. So if you love games and like making them even more, then we want to hear from you!

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Game production is a team sport and we’re more than happy to do our part. From HR, to finance, to the day to day running of the studio, we work behind the scenes to support the larger game making process. At the end of the day, our goal is to do everything we can to foster a great work environment.


We take 3D models and turn them into the living, breathing expressions of the characters you'll come to know and love... or hate. With the freedom to explore and define characters, we want to bring them as close to players as possible, blurring the line between real and make-believe.


When players interact with our games we want them to feel everything they see on the screen. Our sound designers, mixers, and talent all work to ensure each moment of gameplay conveys the right emotion.

Character Design

It's important to us that characters not only look their best but that they are streamlined for great gameplay. This means building them well. When both these things happen, the stage is set for characters that are memorable and relatable.

Character Technical Design

As the guys behind the curtain, our primary goal is to enable the animators to express everything they need to with ease. Building from the inside out, we collaborate with several departments to ensure that the foundation of the characters is solid, down to the smallest details.


When defining the look and feel of a game we aim for authenticity and a fresh perspective. The visuals we create serve as the jumping-off point for other departments and our goal is for them to inspire even more creativity as the game design process continues.


Our team draws from multiple disciplines to bring our games to life. From gameplay implementation, to core systems and tools, we write code that realizes our vision in a creative and efficient way.

Environmental Art

We deal with so much of where you go and what you see within a game and our goal is for those places to evoke the right emotions. We balance the technical aspects of modeling and animation with good old fashioned design sense and composition for picture-perfect shots.

Game Design

We think about games. A lot. It's just one of those things we've always done. Through lifelong game and industry experience we've come to learn what works, what doesn't, and why. With every project we set out to discover what's right for our game and then communicate that vision.


With technology being the speeding blur that it is, our team works to keep the studio up to date with the evolving needs of a game production environment. We offer solutions for quicker more efficient work, but most of all, we look forward to helping realize the creative process.

Level Design

We enjoy developing ideas from abstract concepts to fully realized worlds that players will spend hours in. As the heart of the game, we look to elevate moment to moment gameplay so the player gets the most fun out of the game.


The size of AAA games require an absurd amount of work. We love working collaboratively with talented external artists and teams to create the abundant content needed to bring our games to the highest level.


With multiple moving parts, production makes sure that the game creation process is a well-oiled machine. We provide tools and support to the different departments to ensure that we hit all our marks.

Quality Assurance

We've found that the best place to evaluate a game isn't at the end but all throughout development. Our team is involved in discussions with departments across the studio at different stages of the game. From sound to UI to rendering, we're kicking the tires along the way to make sure we're meeting and exceeding expectations.


Nothing beats the feeling of being fully invested in the narrative of a game. As a story team, we look to develop narratives that players want to experience over and over. Whether it's creating characters or developing missions, our foremost concern is the player's immersion into fantasy.

User Interface

For every game, we set out to find a style that fits and then we push the boundaries. Our team of artists and programmers are always on the lookout for ideas that can be adapted to games. Although we love when players notice a cool UI feature, what we love even more is when they don't have to.

Visual Effects

As a team, we aim to create effects that impress while getting the job done as efficiently as possible. Our multi-disciplined artists wear numerous hats and bring a wealth of technical know-how to the process.

With 28 years in the industry, we’ve created many games. Look at some of our concept art from past games by visiting our concept art page.

Concept Art


In addition to competitive compensation packages, WB Games | Avalanche employee Benefits and Perks include:

401 K

401(k) Plan with a Generous Company Match


Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage


Health Savings Account, with Flexible Spending


Flexible Working Hours and Casual Environment


Kitchens Stocked with Free Soda, Juices, Coffees, Teas, and Cocoa

Cereal Bar

Free Fruit and Cereal Bar


Private Advanced Screenings of Warner Bros. Movies

Free Games

Up to Four Free Video Games Each Year


Employee-led Charitable Initiatives Team

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition Reimbursement and Plentiful Training Opportunities

Employee Socials

Employee Socials, Including a Variety of Munchies and Beverages

Free Movies

Free Warner Bros. Movies