WB Games | Avalanche is where a family of artists, engineers, and other talented crafts people come together to create entire universes of fun and magic.

We are at the top of our game and can’t wait to share what’s next in the world of immersive experiences.


WB Games | Avalanche

A modern video game studio with classic roots

Our game studio started out as a tight-knit group of friends who made games together. We’re happy to say that nothing there has changed, except, of course, that we’ve made a few more friends. 

Because we love games so much, we’re sticklers for how they’re made, especially when we’re the ones making them. Great narrative and player immersion are key pursuits for us as we develop our games – or should we say, your games.

Our players are at the heart of everything we do and so we aim to create and tell your stories that let you play your way. 

Finally, we’re big on collaboration. We see ourselves not just as creators, but as co-creators whose talents are made stronger as a group.

We look forward to bringing you more games from our family to yours.

What our team says about working at
WB Games | Avalanche and life in Utah:

We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake County: 1,121,354

City: 4,330 feet 1,320 meters

Nature & Recreation
Close to over 60 National & State Parks

I’m not just creating assets

I'm not just creating assets but instead I'm a true game-maker. WB Games | Avalanche is a place where you can truly be a part of something special.

I truly enjoy working with such a diverse group of talents

I truly enjoy working with such a diverse group of talents: artists, animators, designers and programmers to create real entertainment for our audience.

I love the challenge of creating something that millions of people will enjoy

I love the challenge of creating something that millions of people will enjoy. The creative process has been something that has always driven me to continue to grow my career. WB Games | Avalanche is like a family and I have many friends that make work more like play. Even after being in the industry for over 30 years, I still love coming to work every day.

Even at a young age

Even at a young age, I think I was destined to work in a creative industry. I was always fascinated with eclectic personalities, artistic talent and technical problem solving. How many careers have meetings about recreating explosions with particle simulations or discussing the virtues of realistic versus stylized character designs? In video game production it's exciting to see how all these attributes are employed to create amazing gaming experiences.

The amount of talent at WB Games | Avalanche is crazy

The amount of talent at WB Games | Avalanche is crazy; our studio can reach the moon with the right opportunity, and Warner Bros. is giving us the chance.

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