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Cinematic Junior Associate (TEMP)

The Job

WB Games Inc., seeks an Associate Artist to support and assist the Avalanche Cinematic Team. This position is an individual contributor primarily focused on assisting the cinematic creation teams from a technical standpoint.

This work can include scene setup in Motion Builder, Maya, and our in-house cinematic tool, maintaining functionality of cinematics throughout the project. The Associate Artist Intern will also be responsible for asset verification and collection for outsourced cinematics.

The Daily

  • Provide Cinematic Scene Setup and maintenance which will include:
    • Set up MotionBuilder props and sets from in game assets
    • Set up SceneRigs (Proprietary tool)
    • Export and setup Sub scene files (Propriety tool in Maya)
  • Maintain functionality of cinematics throughout the project.
  • Support outsourcers as needed with asset verification and collection before it is sent out, and intake of the new data
  • Provide general cinematic support

The Requirements

  • At least 1+ years’ experience in college or industry
  • A BFA or a BS, focusing on game development or similar background is preferred.
  • Experience with industry standard 3-D packages (Motion Builder and Maya.)
  • Able to grasp and enjoy technical work.
  • Experience and understanding of art/animation pipelines for modern video game pipelines
  • Able to learn new packages and proprietary tools.
  • Solid organization skills with adherence to file structures, naming conventions and other established protocols.
  • Able to self-manage and meet deadlines.
  • Must work well within a team.
  • Excellent communication skills, especially within the animation department.
  • Willingness to accept direction and redo/iterate work until it’s right.
  • Must have an active, passionate interest in current video games to help drive the game to the next level.