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“Pew, Pew!”

It’s almost 5 pm and the entire studio eagerly awaits the timely email from a Senior Developer.  The email doesn’t contain much content, usually one or two words.  Ironically, that tiny email has the ability to lighten the darkest days and unite the entire studio.  Many might be thinking, “How or why can an email with two words be so significant?”  Prior to working at WB Games | Avalanche, I would have been one of the critics.  However, after being here for 3 years, I can fully vouch for short yet powerful messages.

5PM finally arrives and on the dot I receive an email with the subject line “Pew! Pew!”  There was no content.  Our first day intern leaned over to me and in a very confused voice asked, “What does pew, pew, mean?”  I wasn’t sure if she wanted the long or short answer so I responded with the short answer, “It means that if you are done with work for the day, you should play games with co-workers.”  The long answer was a lot more complex and difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced Avalanche culture long enough to appreciate the deeper meaning.  In my opinion, it is one of the many factors that contribute toWB Games | Avalanche’s success over the years.

Depending on what the individual needs, “Pew Pew” can mean many different things.  For employees who had a long day, playing games with coworkers can be a method of relaxation.  Regardless of playing with or against coworkers, social gaming is enjoyable and relaxing.  It provides an opportunity to suppress the day’s qualms with others that might be feeling the same way.  It places an emphasis on the work, life, balance that differentiates WB Games | Avalanche from other studios.

In addition, another reason I think the legendary, “Pew Pew” email plays such a significant role in the success of WB Games | Avalanche’s culture, is the welcoming wrapper surrounding games.  Regardless of experience, title, department, etc… everyone in the studio is welcome and encouraged to play with the group.  It is no coincidence that the same qualities required to win in-game, coordination, cooperation, communication are a few of the many qualities that make Avalanche great.